Drunk Driver was Sexting before Crash

Drunk driving is a serious offense that can result to serious accidents. However, this recent news is especially alarming.

A 30-year-old driver was recently arrested after being involved in a crash in New Port Richey. Authorities determined that he was drunk, but, what shocked them was his confession on why he wasn’t paying attention on the road – he was sexting with his girlfriend while driving.

Tampa man Phernando Cuello initially blamed the accident on the other driver but eventually admitted that he was “distracted” while he and his girlfriend were sending text message back and forth. Cuello refused to take a breathalyzer and he was booked on a DUI charge.

Driving drunk is risky. But driving drunk AND using cellphone will certainly take the driver’s mind of the road.

Luckily, no one was hurt in this accident.

2 thoughts on “Drunk Driver was Sexting before Crash

  1. Exchanging love messages can be done in creative ways, but not during driving. Indulging in alcoholic drinks has its boundaries, never behind wheels. You see, sexting while drunk driving can be the worse match on the road. Get a room instead.

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