Drunken Driver Hits Water Main, Floods Restaurant

Negligent driving has numerous possible catastrophic results.

dui car accident drunk driver crashes SUV into water main

A city worker is cleaning up the mess left after a drunk driver crashed into a water main and flooded the street and a nearby restaurant in Lincoln (photo credit: kcra.com)

Alcohol and even prescription drugs can alter one’s judgment and driving skills. So, after drinking, it is always safe and responsible not to drive or just have a sober person to drive you around.

A recent vehicle accident in Lincoln believed to be caused by a drunk driver has resulted to property damages and nuisance to customers of a restaurant nearby. Thankfully, no one was reportedly injured in the accident though the drunk driver will still be held liable for his actions.

According to reports, 44-year-old Manuel Pereira was driving the sports utility vehicle that rolled over at G and First Street before it broke a water main which flooded a Mexican restaurant nearby.

Responders found Pereira conscious and outside the vehicle. He was taken to Sutter Roseville medical Center where he was treated for the minor injuries he sustained in the accident.

Pereira was later booked into Placer County Jail.

A lot of fatal accidents have been reported to be caused by a drunk driver. By now, motorists should be aware of the dangers of drunk driving but some of them still neglect its seriousness.

Small preventive measures will certainly go a long way as these road accidents caused by negligence can inflict serious, and even fatal, injuries to the driver himself.

We hope everybody will practice responsible driving during the approaching holidays. Stay safe!

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