DUI Driver Lives after Accident that Killed Two

A 19-year-old woman who rear-ended a vehicle in Henderson sustained minor injuries while the occupants of the other vehicle, two 66-year-olds, have been killed in the recent DUI accident.

The driver identified as Anita Mann was driving a Hyundai Accent in West Horizon Ridge Parkway shortly before noon when she rear-ended a Hyundai Santa Fe causing it to rollover. A woman was ejected from the Santa Fe because of the impact while the other occupant, a 66-year-old man sustained fatal injuries. Both were declared dead on the scene.

Authorities say that they were on their way to the area before they responded to the fatal accident because some motorists were reporting a possible drunk driver.

In these DUI accidents, drunk drivers are almost always the ones to survive though they have to live with the burden of their liability for being negligent. In this case, Mann’s life will be wasted as she may face some serious jail time for the charges filed against her.

It is a shame how young people take for granted safety tips that could save their lives. Young drivers should be more responsible and avoid causing accidents that can ruin their lives.

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