Elderly Crashes Buick into Store

Elderly drivers are prone to accidents especially those who are taking medications as their alertness and driving skills might be affected by the drugs they are taking.

car accident elderly driver crahses LaMesa store

An elderly driver crashed int a La Mesa store after accidentally stepping on the gas pedal (Photo Credit: 10news.com)

An elderly driver recently got into a car accident after he accidentally stepped on the accelerator of his Buick and went in reverse before hitting the wall of a store. Luckily, the man was uninjured but the incident left damages that he would have to compensate.

Three mailboxes were taken down by the man’s Buick and a chunk of concrete on the store’s wall was also knocked off by the impact. The man was later picked up by his friend after the accident.

I surely hope he got himself checked for any unnoticeable injuries that he may have sustained. Things could have gone a lot worse and so the elderly should be thankful because he is lucky to get out of this accident unscathed.

Mistaking accelerator for brakes is common among elderly and there is little they can do about it. They must always have presence of mind and be cautious even when parking or slowing down.

It is true that they have more years of driving experience as compared to teens. But, they too are vulnerable to committing mistakes that can take their lives.

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