Elderly Crashes Vehicle into Crafts Store

A 78-year-old woman recently wrecked the entrance of a Michaels store in Mission Viejo which caused great damages to the store and injuries to crew and customers including a four-year-old boy.

The accident destroyed at least four cash registers, displays of the shop, and two doors. The woman was not arrested though police are continuing their investigation regarding the case.

Probers say that the elderly woman might have thought that her vehicle was in reverse when she got in it after exiting the shop.

Among those who were hurt was a 53-year-old woman who was thrown at least ten feet because of the impact of the vehicle. The four-year-old boy was with his mother and younger brother when he was hit by shattered glass while running away from the cash register.

Several associates were also bruised and scratched in the accident.

Elderly drivers should always keep in mind that their senses and memory are not at its best and so they must be careful in making sudden actions while driving as they may harm those around them.

This accident may be caused by a simple mistake of an elderly woman but she still should face the punishment for her actions that could have easily killed other shoppers.

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