Famous People Who Died in Early 2010

We haven’t gone past the first two months of 2010, and a lot of people have already fallen victim to a lot of accidents around the globe.

Justin Mentell

Justin Mentell

And famous and influential people were not exempted from these incidents.

Here is a list of notable personalities who passed away due to accidents this 2010 (Note: not all incidents happened in the US):

• Justin Mentell – Known for his character Garrett Wells in the legal drama “Boston Legal.” He was killed in an SUV accident in Wisconsin last February 1.

• Atsushi Kuroi – A Japanese professional drifting driver who competed in the D1 Grand Prix. He died after sustaining critical injuries in a motorcycle accident last February 1.

• Tang Eng Yoon – An Olympian and Singaporean sprinter; he died after a hit-and-run accident last January 31.

• Mlungisi Dlamini – A South African IBO lightweight boxing champ who died after a car accident last January 29.

• Karen Schmeer – Known for her editorial work in films like The Fog of War, she died after being struck by a robbery getaway car while crossing Broadway last January 29.

• Joseph “Joe” Rollino – Rollino was a decorated WWII vet who dubbed himself “the world’s strongest man.” He died after a pedestrian accident in Brooklyn last January 11.

• Miep Giess – One of the few people left who knew Anne Frank personally, she helped hide Anne from the Nazis for two years. She died after a bout with a short illness that was said to be caused by a fall accident.

• Deborah Howell – She served as the ombudsman for the Washington Post for three years. She was also a renowned newswoman and editor. She died after a car accident in New Zealand last January 2.

• Bingo Gazingo – An elderly poet who was known for his funny rhymes and crude language. In the past, he made odes to the likes of Madonna, Tupac and even Beavis and Butthead. He died last January 1 after being struck by a cab while on his way to perform at the Bowery poetry Club.

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