Father’s Leg Run over by Toddler

Children should never be left alone inside a vehicle as he can hurt himself and unintentionally harm others with it.

A father had learned this lesson the hard way after his daughter accidentally run him over with a pick-up truck.

According to reports, the father was with a man working under a pick-up truck that was parked on their driveway when the accident occurred.

They were working on the truck when his two-year-old daughter inside the cab accidentally shifted the parked vehicle into gear.

As a result, the father’s leg was injured and skin was peeled from his thigh to his ankle. Luckily, he is expected to recover and the man that was with him was uninjured.

This unfortunate accident should be a lesson to each parent never to leave the child, especially young ones, inside the vehicle unattended as accidents like this can and will happen.

Hopefully, the man learned his lessons and will be able to gain lessons from this accident.

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