Female Extra in Critical Condition after Mishap in Transformers 3 Shoot

A mishap occurred on the set of the new “Transformers 3” movie that left a 24-year-old female extra in critical condition Wednesday night.

The workplace accident occurred at about 7pm when a typical car stunt along Cline Avenue in Hammond, Indiana went wrong.

workplace accident female extra injured transformers 3

A teaser poster for Transformers 3 where a female extra was seriously injured after a stunt mishap (Photo Credit: transformers-movie-buzz.com)

The victim, who was identified as Gabriela Cedillo, 24, of Chicago, sustained serious injuries after a metal object smashed through her car and crashed into her head.

According to reports, the incident was triggered when a cable pulling some vehicles snapped and the cable itself may be the metal object that struck Cedillo’s car.

The Indiana State Police reportedly impounded the equipment that was used in that specific stunt for investigation.

As of now, there has been no word from the producers of the blockbuster franchise.

Hopefully, the production company will take care of the medical expenses of the woman and an investigation should be done to see the real cause of this accident.

Why did the cable snap in the first place?

Who was operating the equipment?

Was there a way to have reasonably prevented this mishap?

We hope that the investigation will be able to answer these questions and that Ms. Cedillo will be able to make a full recovery from her injuries.

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