Female Motorcyclist Killed in Studio City Crash

A motorcycle accident on the westbound 101 in Studio City claimed the life of a female motorcyclist this morning.

The woman was identified as 28-year-old April Stirton. She works as a stuntwoman and was actually on her way to set when the crash happened.

According to the CHP, Stirton was going at about 55 mph when she lost control and fell of her bike after trying to pass a tow truck.

She was struck by the backwheels of a tow truck while her motorcycle was dragged 100 feet down the freeway by another truck.

Responding paramedics declared Stirton dead on the scene.

Our prayers go to the family of April Stirton.

We don’t know if who was at fault for the accident and we do not want to speculate, but we can take lessons from the tragedy.

Safety tip for other motorcyclists, the key to safe driving is to maintain your visibility to other drivers.

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially trucks, and avoid their blind spots.

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