Firefighter in Critical Condition after Hit-and-Run Accident

A firefighter sustained major injuries and is now under a critical condition after he was involved in a hit-and-run accident while trying to extinguish a car fire.

Hit and Run Firefighters Injured

Hit and Run Firefighters Injured.

According to reports, Patrick Hinds, a Tulare County firefighter, was hit by a truck near Road 16 and Virginia Avenue near Alpaugh.

He was with another firefighter who was identified as Capt. Davon Gregory when the accident occurred.

Reports said Hinds was struck in his leg. He then flew around 50 feet, thus causing his ribs and both of his legs to break.

Meanwhile, Gregory sustained cuts and bruises, but fortunately escaped from serious injuries.

The truck driver apparently did not notice Hinds. The vehicle involved in the incident was described as a small white regular-cab pickup, which was likely made in the 1990s. In addition, the truck likely sustained major front end damage.

We hope Hinds will be able to recover from his injuries.

One thought on “Firefighter in Critical Condition after Hit-and-Run Accident

  1. The truck driver may have been distracted by the burning car or he was just driving too fast to avoid the firefighters. Either way, he should be responsible for all the damages and costs he’d caused to the firefighter who is in critical condition. The person was just doing his job to help other people, and he’d just be struck by a negligent and irresponsible driver. What a pity!

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