Fogs Increasing Vehicle Accident Rates

The California Highway Patrol has reported an increase in the number of vehicular accidents as fog continues to trouble motorists in the Valley.

Fogs increase vehicle accident rates

Fogs increase vehicle accident rates.

One of the accidents reportedly blocked Conejo Avenue as two vehicles collide near Caruthers. Another crash was a head-on collision that resulted to minor injuries at around 7:30 a.m. near Road 16.

Aside from the collisions, CHP also assisted motorists traveling along Highway 99 and 41 to prevent further accidents.

Earlier this week, a small plane that crashed in Palo Alto reportedly took off while there was heavy fog in the area. Experts say that the fogs alone probably did not cause the accident but it may have contributed to the factors that prevented the pilot to make sound decisions.

Through the years, chain accidents and other horrible vehicle accidents are linked to fogs which limit the driver’s vision that enables him to see other vehicles ahead and prevent possible collisions.

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