Former Linebacker Injured in SUV Accident Hours after Arrest

celebrity car accident NFL Junior Seau injured in single car crash

Junior Seau, former linebacker of the New England Patriots, sustained minor injuries after his SUV fell off a cliff in Carlsbad (photo credit:

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau has been injured after his SUV went off a cliff in Carlsbad. The accident reportedly happened hours after authorities arrested him due to the suspicion of domestic violence.

This may have been a tough day for the former linebacker. After being jailed, he was then injured in an accident.. talk about bad luck.

According to reports, the Cadillac SUV was found around 30 feet under the roadside. Seau was brought to a hospital in San Diego to receive immediate medical treatment for minor injuries.

He played for the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and San Diego Charges before he retired after last season, said reports.

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