Former Warrant Frontman Experiences Déjà vu in recent DUI Arrest

Former Warrant frontman Jani Lane was arrested last weekend for suspicion of DUI.

Jani Lane arrested for DUI

“Jani Lane arrested for DUI.” (photo credit:

According to reports, the 80’s hairband singer whose famous hits include the power ballad “Heaven” was arrested after he allegedly hit a parked car in Woodland Hills Sunday night.

Reports say that Lane failed his sobriety test and that his BAC was more than double the legal limit.

One funny thing about this accident though is that it is eerily similar to his other arrest last year.

If you don’t remember, Lane pleaded no-contest to a misdemeanor DUI charge after hitting, you guessed it, a parked car!

And as if that was not enough, TMZ reported that the officer who arrested him Sunday night was the same officer who arrested him last year!

Talk about Déjà vu!!

Anyway, Lane was released after 3:17 am and is now probably worrying about what the judge would think about his recent brush with the law.

You see, Lane is under 36-month DUI probation as part of the plea deal that dropped the hit-and-run charge from last year’s car accident.

I am guessing this recent DUI arrest is in violation of his probation terms.

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