Glee’s Lea Michele Uninjured after Hit-and-Run Crash

A cast member of the hit series Glee was recently involved in a car accident in Los Angeles that reportedly involved drunk girls who fled the scene after recognizing her.

Lea Michele was said to be driving home from work around 2 a.m. when she was hit by a vehicle along Melrose Avenue.

According to reports, the other vehicle was full of “drunk girls” who drove away when they recognized Glee’s Rachel Berry.

Thankfully, Lea was uninjured and was able to jot down the other car’s license plate.

Her recent accident shows how everyone is in danger from drunk drivers.

Under the law, drivers in accidents are required to stop, identify themselves, and assist an injured person. Apparently, the driver in this incident failed to do all that and so she might be facing hit-and-run charges once authorities find her.

One thought on “Glee’s Lea Michele Uninjured after Hit-and-Run Crash

  1. It’s good that Lea Michelle was able to note the license plate; this has helped her report the hit-and-run accident to authorities. Sadly, Los Angeles has been filled with teenagers who have no regard for traffic laws. I guess it’s time for Lea to sing out what popular driving habits supposed to be.

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