Good Samaritan Killed in Highway 99 Multi-Vehicle Accident

We hope that people would remember 49-year-old Robert Alverson as a hero because that’s what he is.

Robert Alverson - Good samaritan killed in Highway 99 accident

“Good samaritan killed in Highway 99 accident.” (photo credit:

According to reports, Alverson stopped his own car and tried to help another motorist who was involved in the initial crash on the northbound lanes of Highway 99.

However, he was struck by another car and he was thrown into the southbound lanes where he, again, was struck by another motorist.

At first, CHP officers thought that Alverson was thrown out of his car following the chain accident but it turns out that he stopped his vehicle by his own volition to help others.

Unfortunately, his good deed cost him his life.

The driver who initially hit Alverson is now being investigated for suspicion of DUI.

Hopefully Robert Alverson’s family can take comfort in knowing that he died trying to help other people.

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