High-Speed Crash in Long Beach Kills Three People

The government has imposed speed limits because moving beyond them is dangerous and can lead to a fatal accident.

A speeding driver who crashed into a stone sign along the entrance of Long Beach Peninsula ended the lives of three people, including his own.

car accident high speed crash kills three

Three people were killed after the car they were riding crashed into a concrete sign in Long Beach (photo credit: cbs2.com)

Reports said the driver who was identified as Jesus Heredia Calixto, 18, crashed his black Ford Mustang into the stone sign a little after midnight. He was killed in the accident.

An unidentified woman and another female passenger Candice Anne Bustamante, 32, from Long Beach, also died in the crash.

A man was ejected from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital to be treated for severe injuries.

Authorities said another vehicle, which may have been stolen, also crashed near the accident area. The driver and a passenger fled, but were fortunately captured afterwards. Both of them are still minors.

The two vehicles were speeding when the accident occurred. Authorities believe that they were racing along Orange Boulevard.

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