Hundreds of Dollars Spent Annually due to Poor Road Conditions

car accident dangerous road

A Washingto D.C based transportation group claims that motorists spends about $746 annually to fix their cars due to poor road conditions (Photo Credit:

Poor road condition is known as one of the main causes of vehicle accidents today. Well, that’s not big news to us.

What’s surprising to know is that motorists are required to spend hundreds of dollars (highest is $756) every year due to deficient roadways and the presence of road hazards on them, specifically potholes.

According to a Washington D.C.-based national transportation group called TRIP, major streets and freeways in the state give the “roughest rides” to motorists.

In Los Angeles, including its surrounding suburban areas, around 63% of the roads are in a bad condition. As a result, motorists spend about $746 a year just to fix or maintain their vehicle.

If the government wants people to save money (given the economic crisis today), it should provide us with safe and well-built roads.

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