Injury in The City Tips: What to Do After a Car Accident?

Here at injury in the city, we like to spread around helpful information about accidents and injuries.

So we thought we would start giving out tips that you can use to prevent accidents or to guide you if ever you are involved in one.

To kick things off, I would like to start with what you should do once you got involved in a car accident.

I think this is appropriate since most of the news we post here are of the vehicle accident variety, not to mention that it causes almost 40,000 deaths in the US every year.

So here goes, if you got involved in a car accident, you can follow these tips:

• STOP!!! – First and foremost, you have got to stop. If you leave the accident scene without exchanging information or without clearance from the authorities then you can be prosecuted as a hit-and-run driver.

• Check for Injuries – Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Apply first aid to minor injuries and call 911 especially if there are major and life-threatening injuries.

• Assist others – Check the occupants of other vehicles for injuries and assist in any way you can. You do not have to play doctor, just provide reasonable assistance that you can give like applying first aid or arranging transport to a hospital

• Exchange information – Give your information to the other motorists including name, residence, contact number, insurance provider and insurance policy number. If you are not the owner of the car, give the information of the owner as well.

• Inform your insurance company – There might be a time limit to informing your insurance provider about the accident so better do it as soon as you can.

• Get a copy of the accident report – Talk to the responding officer about getting a copy of the accident report. This can be used if you need to make a personal injury claim.

• Go to a doctor – Go to the nearest hospital and get yourself and your passengers treated. There may not be obvious injuries but some symptoms may be hidden or do not show up immediately.

• Talk to a lawyer – Consult with a car accident lawyer to know your legal options.

There it goes, hope these tips can help you if ever you get involved in a car accident (but hopefully you won’t).

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