Lance Armstrong sent to Hospital after Tour of California Crash

The seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was sent to a hospital after a bicycle crash during the Tour of California.

Lance Armstrong Bicycle Crash

“Lance Armstrong is sent to the hospital for x-ray test.” (photo credit:

The accident happened on a 2-lane road near Visalia when a rider in the main group skidded and fell causing a chain accident.

Armstrong was one of the bicyclists who were unlucky enough to be caught in the accident.

After the fall, Armstrong was seen sitting on the ground; his cheeks were bloodied and his eyes appeared swollen.

Armstrong’s longtime coach said on twitter that he was involved in a huge crash and that he had to abandon the race to go to the hospital for X-rays.

There are no reports yet about the extent of Armstrong’s injuries.

The crash happened amidst the controversy surrounding Armstrong after disgraced US cyclist Floyd Landis alleged that the cycling legend not only joined him in doping but also thought others how to beat the system.

He also accused Armstrong of paying an official to keep quiet about a failed test.

Armstrong downplayed all the allegations by saying Landis lost his credibility a long time ago.

Hopefully, all this could be resolved quickly.

We hope for Armstrong’s quick recovery and that he can prove his innocence from Landis’ accusations.

That’s because if Landis’ accusations are true, it could be a big blow to the sport of cycling.

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