Legislature Tries to Stop Underage Drinking by Passing AB2486

In an effort to prevent fatal alcohol-related accidents involving minors, the state Legislature has recently passed a bill that will prohibit adults from giving alcohol to these people during social gatherings.

Underage drinking

Legislature Tries to Stop Underage Drinking by Passing AB2486

According to reports, adults who provide alcoholic drinks to young drivers will be responsible if these minors were injured or killed in an accident.

The Assembly voted 67-1 in favor of AB2486l. It will be considered as a law once Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs it.

It should be noted that adults will only be held liable in a car crash if it was proven that alcohol is the main reason why the incident occurred.

AB2486 does not cover all licensed or commercial alcohol vendors.

Those who oppose this bill said that people aged 18-20 are considered as adults in most of the areas under the law. They argued that these people are old enough to be held liable for their negligent actions.

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