Man Crashes into Pole, Dies

It is important to maintain one’s speed within limits and be alert so that if an obstruction would show up, we can safely maneuver the vehicle and put it to a stop or safely change lanes.

A man in his 40s was recently killed in a single-vehicle crash after hitting a light pole in Sacramento County.

The man was said to be driving a 1999 Toyota Cary along the northbound lanes of South Watt Avenue when he suddenly swerved northeast hitting an elevated divider and the signal arm of railroad tracks.

The vehicle then spun out before hitting the pole. The impact sent vehicle components, as well as the engine, into the driver which may have caused his instant death.

Witnesses say that the man was going beyond 60mph in a 45mph zone. This accident could have been prevented had the man avoided speeding and had been alert, awake, and aware of the road fixtures.

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