Man Loses Hand But Miraculously Survives Train Accident

A man miraculously survived a train accident that saw him being dragged by a Metrolink commuter train and losing his left hand from the wrist (ouch!!).

Man surives train accident

Man surives train accident. (photo credit: teachersparadise)

Authorities are still investigating the incident to find out how the 57-year-old man was caught by the train in the first place.

According to initial reports, the passenger fell from the platform and onto the tracks while the train was stopped in Forbes Road station.

As the train moved from the station, the man was also dragged for about 87 feet before it was stopped.

Paramedics were called to the Laguna Niguel Station at about 7:20 am.

The man sustained minor cuts and scratches but unfortunately lost his left hand in the incident.

He was brought to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and is expected to survive.

However, he may be transferred to another hospital to be treated for amputation.

Although it was a tragedy, the man was lucky to have lost only his hand.

He could have easily died in that train accident, but miraculously he lived.

There would be challenges and his life will certainly not be the same after losing a hand.

Some even experience “phantom limbs” where he may still feel an imaginary itch or pain on the lost hand.

But despite those, he should be appreciative of the 2nd chance at life.

Besides, not many get struck by a train and lives to tell about it.

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