Man Survives being Struck by Train Three Times

Not many can say that they’ve been hit by a train and survived.

But this guy can boast that he had been hit by THREE train cars and lived to tell about it.

However, he might want to omit the cause of the train accident in the first place.

Curious what the cause is??

Well it was just a simple headphone!!

Because he was wearing headphones, he did not hear the train horns or the conductor yelling at him that the train is coming.

Fortunately the conductor was able to hit the emergency brakes to slow the train to about 20 mph.

He was hit by three train cars and he was very lucky it did not pull him under or he would have been crushed.

The collision happened at the tracks on Valley Boulevard at Puente Avenue last week.

Responding paramedics said that the man was coherent and responsive to questions.

He was still brought to the hospital for more tests.

Witnesses told deputies that the crossing signals and flashing red lights were in working order during the accident.

Further proof that he was just not looking.

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