Man Tried to Cross Freeway, Killed by Four Vehicles

More and more pedestrians are killed as they neglect the dangers of crossing in unmarked crosswalks or being on freeways where they should never attempt to cross as vehicles are expected not go below the prescribed speed limit.

A recent accident involves a man who decided to cross the freeway near San Gabriel River Freeway despite all the odds. He was fatally run over by a big rig and three other vehicles on the eastbound lanes of San Bernardino Freeway.

Authorities identified the man as 27-year-old Jose Gonzales who reportedly tried to run across the freeway when he was hit by the rig. No vehicle was reportedly disabled by the accident as authorities surveyed the scene.

Though someone has been killed and his family is grieving, I know that this accident will not happen to a cautious pedestrian especially if he knows how high the possibility of being hit in a freeway is.

It is still unknown why Gonzales bolted through the freeway but what he did was totally dangerous and shouldn’t be tried by anyone.

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