Miley Cyrus Accused of Hit-and-Run in LA

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is now the subject of an alleged hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles after a restaurant parking attendant claimed that the teen struck his parked car before speeding off last week.


Former Disney Star Miley Cyrus as accused of running off after hitting a parked car in LA(Photo Credit:

According to reports, Cyrus was driving a white Mercedes SUV when she struck the parked 1991 Camry of the unidentified parking attendant.

Mario Fiore, the attorney of the complainant, insists that the whole incident is a hit-and-run car accident, but it is unlikely to hold because he himself admitted that the Hannah Montana star left her phone number before taking off.

Cyrus representatives have refused to comment on the case, if there is even one.

This case feels like someone trying to make more out of something really small.

Yes, she struck the car, but if she left her information then they cannot claim that she ran way from her duties.

What they should do is make a property damage claim against Miley Cyrus.

If she or her insurance provider does not want to pay, then they can file a lawsuit.

If nothing happens then that is when they should be crying foul on Cyrus.

This entire claim about hit-and-run and going to the media just screams of craving for attention.

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