Mom on Phone Drowns when Vehicle Plunged in Sacramento River

An Antioch woman identified as 47-year-old Kathleen Gomez Collier died after she drove off a boat ramp near Isleton while talking to her daughter on the phone to get directions.

Mom drowns when vehicle plunged in Sacramento River

Mom drowns when vehicle plunged in Sacramento River. (photo credit: cbs5)

The California Highway Patrol reported that Collier was driving along state Highway 160 alone and was trying to get back to Antioch when she stopped and asked directions at Viera’s Resort. Moments later, her Ford Expedition plunged from the resort’s boat off ramp into the Sacramento River.

Rescuers recovered Collier’s body inside the vehicle some 175 feet away from where it plunged.

Reports show that Collier was still confused with the directions provided to her and so she was talking to her daughter on the phone when she drove off the boat ramp. Collier then reportedly instructed her daughter to contact her insurance provider as her vehicle started to fill up with water just before the line was cut off.

Being trapped inside a vehicle that is being filled with water is a tough situation. Occupants must be alert and stay calm as it would not be easy to get out because of the water’s pressure and current. Trapped occupants should try to break their windows or windshield in order to escape.

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