Motorcyclist Dies in Atascadero Solo Crash

I have stated before that motorcycle riding is dangerous because motorcyclists are susceptible to serious or fatal injuries when involved in an accident.

Another motorcyclist recently died after being involved in an accident.

Atascadero Police Department officials said a 41-year-old male motorcyclist identified as Richard Arril Knabb, from Atascadero, died after he lost control of his vehicle and was then ejected from it.

The fatal accident happened at around 11 p.m. along the 7400th block of Portola Road in Atascadero.

Fortunately, no other individual was involved in it.

My condolences to the motorcyclist’s loved ones.

One thought on “Motorcyclist Dies in Atascadero Solo Crash

  1. There are reasons why riders tend to lose control on the motorcycle. Some of these are uneven road surface, slick pavement, and pot holes. These road conditions seem ordinary, but are dangerous enough to cause fatal injuries for a motorcycle rider. I guess Atascadero officials need to provide a safer road for motorcyclists.

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