Motorcyclist Hospitalized after Collision in Ventura County

Motorcyclists are susceptible to injuries when involved in an accident because they are not completely protected by their vehicle as well as protective gears that they are using like helmet and knee pads.

A male motorcyclist has been rushed to the hospital after he collided with a truck in Ventura County.

According to reports, the motorcyclist identified as James Renshaw, 48, from Ojai, was traveling south along Highway 33 near Baldwin Road when a car suddenly made an illegal left turn in front of him.

The driver was identified as Whitney Cooke, 17, from Ojai, said reports.

Renshaw suffered from a ruptured spleen, a fractured ankle, and head trauma, said authorities. He was brought to Ventura County Medical Center to receive immediate medical treatment for his injuries.

Meanwhile, the teen driver was not hurt in the accident.

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