Motorcyclist Killed after Colliding with Dodge Ram

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office identified the motorcyclist who died in a truck accident last weekend in Mt Baldy.

The victim was Jason Stark, 32 of Alhambra.

According to reports, Stark was driving his 1999 Ducati when he collided with a 1995 Dodge Ram that was making a U-turn near the 3:30 mile post marker.

Stark tried to stop but was not able to avoid the collision.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Claremont man who was driving the Dodge Ram said that he did not see Stark coming when he initiated a U-turn.

The police are still investigating the crash and it is not clear who the liable party is.

There were no arrests made after the accident.

Our condolences to the Stark family.

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