Multi-Car Crash Caused by Escaped Buffalos

Nearly two dozen 1,500-to-2,000-pound buffalos wandered off a fenced property causing a multi-vehicular accident along Highway 149 in Butte County recently.

Multi-Car Crash Caused by Escaped Buffalos

Multi-Car Crash Caused by Escaped Buffalos.

About four of the 21 buffalos were struck and killed by passing vehicles including a California Highway Patrol cruiser that somehow got involved in the accident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate as to how the animals got off a private zoo that also houses llamas, exotic birds, and ostriches.

The buffalos could have been let out intentionally or they could have trampled down the fence, nonetheless, the owner of the animals will face liability for being negligent in keeping them. If proven guilty, they will cover expenses for massive damages on the vehicles involved and medical expenses of motorists who sustained minor injuries.

Animals that present risks to other people should be placed in a secured area where they can’t harm and be harmed by passersby. This way, the owner will not only protect the animals from being hurt as they can also prevent the liability that they will face if in case their animal has caused an injury or property damage.

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