Multi Vehicle Accident in Big Pines Injures 7 People (1 in Critical Condition)

Six people sustained minor injuries while one person was airlifted to a nearby hospital after a multi-vehicle accident in Big Pines this morning.

The chain accident happened near 263rd Street and just west of the border of San Bernardino County at about 6:50am.

A big rig truck involved in the pileup even caught fire and added to the problems of the CHP and the responding firefighters.

The crash closed some part of State Route 138 for a couple of hours.

Hopefully the person in critical condition survives his or her injuries.

To avoid pile ups or at least reduce the risk of being involved in multi-vehicle accidents here are three factors that you can watchout for.

First, watch out for big rig or large trucks.

Lots of chain accidents involve big rigs because they have a lot of blind spots.

And once a big rig hits something, you know that chances are it will hit another.

Second, be careful on high speed roads.

Most chain accidents happen on high speed roads like state routes and freeways.

Last is bad weather.

Fogs, snow and storms makes for slippery roads and low visibility.

Combine all three and the chances of a multi-vehicle accident happening are high.

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