New England Patriot’s Tom Brady Unhurt in Car Crash

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady survived a car accident that seriously injured another person in Boston’s Back Bay area yesterday.

According to reports, the NFL star was approaching an intersection with a green light aboard his Audi sedan when he collided with a Mercury Villager minivan that just beat a red light.

celebrity car accident Tom Brady unhurt in car crash

New England Patriot’s Tom Brady was unhurt after a car crash in Boston’s Back Bay Area (Photo Credit:

Brady was reportedly shaken by the incident but was unhurt; he was able to join his team in practice hours later.

One of the passengers from the minivan, however, had to be extricated with a jaws of life and has reportedly sustained serious injuries.

The driver, Ludgero Rodrigue, 21, and two other passengers were unhurt in the car crash.

In a report from the Boston Herald, it looks like Rodrigue already has a long history of traffic violations under his name.

At the age of 21, he already has a 6-page roadway rap sheet and had to take a driver’s reeducation training to get his driving privileges back.

He actually just got his license back last June, barely 2 months from today’s car accident.

Hopefully, he is properly insured as well because his injured passenger will need all the help he can get in regards to his medical expenses and other damages.

He is lucky that Brady was not seriously hurt as the backlash against him would have been huge if anything bad happened to their beloved NFL star.

He should seriously review his driving behavior because he has been fortunate enough that his negligent driving has not killed anybody yet.

He may not be so lucky next time.

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