New York Jets’ Coach Luckily Survives Multiple Car Accident Unscathed

Photo gives credit to Howard Simon / New York Daily News.

Photo gives credit to Howard Simon / New York Daily News.

The New York Jets coach luckily survived a multiple-car accident unscathed more than a week ago according to recent news reports.

Reports specified that Jets’ coach, Rex Ryan, was left uninjured following a three-car collision in eastern Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, the football coach was driving a Ford Mustang last night of January 14 when he crashed into a car which subsequently hit into a third vehicle. Allegedly, a witness claimed that Ryan ran through the red light before hitting the first car.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the incident.

So far, the Bethlehem Police Department is still waiting for further witnesses to step forward and testify to complete the initial investigation.

Meanwhile, according to Jets’ spokesperson, Ryan did not receive any citations following the incident aside from a warning.

In the past few months, Ryan has taken the center stage after being retained by the team’s owner, Woody Johnson, despite missing in action for two straight season. Also, his controversial tattoo on his right arm portraying his wife wearing Mark Sanchez’s number 6 jersey has also dropped his name into headlines.

Apparently, aside from his personal issues, no other legal embattlements were associated with Ryan. Fortunately for him, he was not cited for any traffic violation. Nevertheless, it is probably too early to end up in conclusion while the investigation is currently ongoing.

As it is, traffic law violators often cause vehicle accidents. In such events, the driver at fault may be charged with civil lawsuits and other related charges which will cause him or her to provide compensations to the victims, if there is any, noted by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

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