Oakdale Police Officer Injured in Collision while Trying to Pick Up Debris

car accident Oakdale police officer injured in Highway 108

An Oakdale police officer was injured after colliding with an F-150 while attempting to clear debris along Highway 108 (photo credit: modbee.com)

It is common knowledge that the presence of debris on the road increases the risks of vehicle accidents.

A male Oakdale police officer was hurt in a collision while he was trying to remove such hazard on the road.

According to reports, the officer was traveling along Highway 108, between Riverbank and Oakdale, when he saw that there is debris on the road. He then made a u-turn so that he can remove it.

However, he was hit by a Ford F-150 pickup.

He wanted to save people from accidents that may be caused by it, but ended up getting hurt.

Reports said the officer sustained moderate injuries and he was taken to Doctor’s Hospital in Modesto to receive immediate medical treatment.

The pickup truck driver was also injured in the collision.

He was brought to Oak Valley Hospital in Oakdale.

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