Officer Injured after Losing Control of Motorcycle Due to Debris

Motorists, specifically motorcyclists, should always be on the lookout for debris because scattered nails, trashes, and screws can cause them to lose control of their vehicle. In addition, debris can also cause motorcyclists to suddenly swerve or break, thus increasing the risks of an accident.

Motorcycle Accident due to debrie Officer injured

Sacramento Police Motorcyle officer injured after a motorcycle accident due to debris. (photo credit: cbs)

A Sacramento police officer recently sustained a minor injury after his motorcycle suddenly went out from under him.

According to reports, the accident happened along Richards Boulevard and Third Street.

The police officer was facing north along Third Street at the signal and was preparing to turn towards westbound along Richards Boulevard. When he started to turn, his motorcycle slid and went down due to debris on the road.

He was brought to a local hospital to be treated for a minor injury to his left ankle.

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