One Person Died After Wrong Way Driver Collided with Another Vehicle in Interstate 880

One person died and 3 traffic lanes were blocked yesterday because of a fatal car accident in Interstate 880.

The cause of all the wreck and chaos…. A wrong way driver.

Reports from the CHP indicates that a vehicle that a driver who was in the wrong lane collided with another vehicle.

The collision killed one person (though it was not clear if the victim was aboard the first or second vehicle).
The crash also blocked three left lanes of the interstate road for about two hours.

The CHP would probably test the wrong way driver for traces of alcohol or drugs in his system.

Most of the guys who do this are probably under the influence, suicidal, homicidal or just plain crazy.

The stunt he (assuming it’s a man) pulled placed, not only himself, but everyone around him in danger.

Now, another person might have paid for what he did.

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