Panorama City Vehicle Collision causes Oil Spill

truck accidentA truck-bus accident in Panorama City, Los Angeles on Wednesday has caused commotion when the FedEx delivery truck spilled fuel on the road.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the initial report was that a vehicle happened to hit a pedestrian. However, succeeding reports confirmed that it was indeed a two-vehicle accident between a bus and a FedEx delivery truck.

LAFD spokesperson, Brian Humphrey said that four ambulances were dispatched to the accident scene, but reports said that only two injured people  were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Firefighters said that it took 20 pounds of sand to cover up the fuel that leaked from the truck to avoid the risk of catching fire. The clearing operation lasted until late morning.

The cause of the accident was not yet determined and the investigation is still in progress.

Recent news report said that the day before the accident happened, a delivery truck of FedEx also got involved in an accident in Central Miami. The truck driver ran on red light causing it to hit a bus.

Nowadays, truck accidents are considered as common occurrences on the road.  According to statistics, in every 16 minutes, one person gets either injured or killed in a truck accident.

Most victims of truck accidents are often left suffering.  Therefore, those victims from the said accident should get the service of a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in truck accident cases and other related matters to help them formulate effective strategies for obtaining claims.

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