Passenger Dead, Driver Critically Injured in Chatsworth Car Accident

car accident chatsworth passenger dead driver critical

A driver is in critical condition while his passenger was killed in a car accident in Chatsworth (photo credit:

Different speed limits are imposed in order to protect drivers, passengers, and other road users like bicyclists and pedestrians from all kinds of road accidents. However, some drivers ignore the law, even if they know that their action can cause harm or even death to others.

A 25-year-old man, from Northridge, recently died after the car he was riding it suddenly crashed into a light pole and a tree in Chatsworth.

According to reports, the passenger was identified as Segundo Thomas Gomez Hernandez while the driver was identified as Alvaro Espino Perez, 25, also from Northridge.

Police said the accident occurred along the 10700 block of Corbin Avenue. Perez was speeding when he suddenly lost control of the 1996 Honda Accord, causing him to run off the road.

Hernandez was announced dead at the accident scene while Perez was rushed to a hospital. He is now under a critical condition.

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