Passengers Hurt in Bus Collision

Bus companies are considered as common carriers along with train companies and airlines because of the weight of their responsibility to their customers. They are expected to transport people and cargos to their destinations without glitches and meeting accidents.

In the same manner, motorists should also realize that busses are harder to maneuver as compared to ordinary vehicles and so they must give way and avoid causing trouble that might harm passengers inside it.

A recent accident has injured about a dozen passengers after a bus driver was forced to make a sudden stop because of another driver’s negligent maneuver. The passengers were transported to a hospital but none of them appeared to have serious injuries.

The incident occurred when an eastbound white Nissan suddenly pulled in front of a westbound Fresno Area Express bus that just came from a bus stop. The FAX bus was slightly damaged while the Nissan had moderate damages.

Good thing everyone is expected to recover from this accident. It is important that passengers be seated properly inside the bus to avoid sustaining serious injuries that may permanently alter their lives.

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