Patient in Ambulance Killed in Collision in Riverside

In a bad twist of irony, a female patient was killed after the ambulance that was transporting her collided with another car in Riverside last Wednesday night.

The victim was identified as Annie Layton, 47 from Moreno Valley.

Layton was being transported to a hospital after suffering cardiac arrest.

According to Moreno Valley Police, the car accident occurred at about 10:45 pm when the ambulance collided with a Chevrolet Monte Carlo at the intersection of Ironwood Avenue and Pigeon Pass Road.

According to witnesses, the ambulance had the red light before entering the intersection and the Chevrolet driver, who was identified as Dushunte Davis, tried to brake to avoid the collision.

The crash also injured Davis, two paramedics and two firefighters; all were brought to a nearby hospital by three more ambulances that responded on the scene.

The injuries range from minor to moderate and the 5 are expected to recover.

Layton’s cause of death, however, is still unknown.

In fact, it was still not certain if she passed away before or after the collision.

We would have to wait for the coroner’s report for more information.

The fate of the ambulance driver is also unsure.

According to the law, emergency vehicles like ambulances have to stop at red lights and to proceed with caution.

If witnesses’ accounts can be believed, the driver may not have followed protocols and could be considered negligent.

If the coroner’s report also indicates that Layton was killed after the crash, it could also be pinned on him.

Hopefully, this serves a lesson to all emergency vehicle drivers.

Protocols on how to proceed are in place because the safety of the masses are involved.

One thought on “Patient in Ambulance Killed in Collision in Riverside

  1. I hope the investigation will be over quickly so that justice will be served to the victims’ loved ones. My condolences to Annie’s family.

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