Pedestrian Accident in Front of Discovery Bay Elementary Injures 2

Two Children were injured yesterday afternoon after being hit by a vehicle in a pedestrian accident in front of Discovery Bay Elementary School.

Discovery Bay

Discovery bay. (photo credit:

According to reports, the 13-year-old boy was riding his bike while his 8-year-old sister was walking in the sidewalk in front of the school when a car suddenly went up the sidewalk and struck them both.

The boy was struck first when the car sideswiped his bike; fortunately, he only sustained abrasions.

After the boy was sideswiped, the car then struck the girl who sustained injuries that were described as non-life threatening by authorities.

The girl was flown to UC Davis Medical Center as a precaution.

The police are still investigating the reason why the female driver swerved to the right and hit the two children.

Authorities do not believe that alcohol or drugs was a factor in the accident.

It is fortunate that the two children were not seriously injured in the crash.

Hopefully the two kids could fully recover from this incident.

For the driver’s part, the fact that she was only running at 15-20 mph could be a big factor.

Imagine if she was speeding and this could have turned out a lot worse.

Just goes to show the importance of speed limits.

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