Pedestrian Dies when Hit by SUV in Anaheim

Pedestrian are encouraged to use designated crosswalks to that they will not get hit by approaching vehicles. Because their body is unprotected, they might easily sustain serious or fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

A female pedestrian recently died when she was hit by a SUV while crossing outside a designated crosswalk at the La Palma Avenue, west of East Street.

The woman was identified as 32-year-old Noemi Tejeda, from Anaheim. Reports said she was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where she was announced dead.

The driver was not arrested after the accident.

2 thoughts on “Pedestrian Dies when Hit by SUV in Anaheim

  1. my boyfriend saw it, tried to tell the anaheim police by calling and saying what he saw friday and they told him to call monday like it wasnt a big deal. She didnt look up at all as he changed lanes to avoid her in his scooter, he said it was so strange that she was just looking at the floor, the light was green, he stop up ahead to check if the suv had stopped but it didnt, he is now quite horrified and shook up by the memory of the scene. And we wish we new why she didnt even look up at a scooter coming up the street let alone a suv? was she listening to music, was she on drugs, how do we find him the answers that he needs.

  2. Regarding the comment from ANG. Please, please, please keep trying to call the Anaheim police with any details you have on this accident. We, Noemi’s family, are also very confused with the whole situation and are looking for answers too. Thank you

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