Pedestrian Killed while Standing in Muni Platform

A freak accident in San Francisco claimed the life of a pedestrian this morning.

Pedestrian Accident on King Street

“The scene of the King St. accident.” (photo credit:

The pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of King and Fourth Street when an southbound pick up collided with an eastbound pickup.

The collision sent the pickup spinning out of control and into the pedestrians waiting in the Muni platform.

The struck pedestrian was brought to a hospital where he (or she) was pronounced dead.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released by authorities.

The two drivers are both claiming to have the green when the collision happened.

Police are now reviewing camera footage to know who of the two are telling the truth.

However, I’m leaning towards the pickup driver as the one who may think he has a green but does not.

Police have arrested the pickup driver due to suspicion of DUI.

So if he is drunk, he might have thought that he had a green even if he doesn’t.

But if it is true that this was caused by another drunk driver, it reaffirms what Cheska has observed with many DUI related accidents.

Other people get hurt while the driver is always virtually unscathed.

When will these people learn that it’s other people who usually pay for their mistakes.

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