Pedestrian Walking on Crosswalk Against Red Light, Seriously Injured in Crash

Observing traffic rules and safety precautions is the best way to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, an elderly woman failed to do so as she attempted to cross the road on a crosswalk but failed to check that the traffic light was against her.

According to reports, the 60-year-old pedestrian was attempting to cross Clairemont Mesa Boulevard at Luna Avenue at around 6am when she was hit by a northbound Honda Civic which then dragged her for about 25-30 feet.

The Civic driver says that he didn’t notice the woman who was wearing dark clothing at the time of the accident. Responsibly, he and a driver who hit the Civic from behind stopped to check on the woman’s condition.

The pedestrian suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital while the drivers were not injured.

It’s not enough that we cross the streets on designated crosswalks. We must also check the traffic lights and approaching vehicles to make sure that he notices you when you are about to cross the street.

We hope that the woman will quickly recover from this accident .

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