Pilot Killed in Crash was Prominent Businessman

Pilots, like drivers, need to abide by safety precautions when flying their aircraft to avoid accidents that seriously threatens their safety. Moreover, they should maintain the good condition of their aircrafts so that they won’t encounter any glitch that would force them to land off the designated landing strip.

An 88-year-old prominent businessman in Merced was recently killed after his twin-engine aircraft crashed onto Highway 99.

Authorities are still conducting investigations as to what caused the crash that killed Dwight Ewing, the owner of a Merced-based real estate appraising company, Ewing Associates.

Ewing also founded The International Cessna 195 Club which shows his enthusiasm in flying aircrafts.

Though Ewing may be an experienced pilot, he may have encountered health problems and difficulties brought by his old age while flying the aircraft. But then again, investigation on the case remains to be published.

Our condolences and prayers go out to his family and to everyone inspired by his dedication and hard work.

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