Record-High $24.3M Awarded in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Common carriers have a strict liability regarding accidents caused by their property and so will be responsible for the injury and damages it will cause.

Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million

"Personal Injury Lawsuit case awarded 24.3 million."

A Sacramento jury has recently awarded a total of $24.3 million to a 14-year-old girl who was ran over by her father driving a truck that is listed as a “common carrier” and not a broker as argued by the defense. The amount breaks the $16 million record-high verdict in Sacramento awarded last year for a wrongful death.

The accident in September 2004 crushed the then 10-year-old girl’s pelvis. Her legal representative, who also represented the family who won the $16 million for a wrongful death last year, said that the girl will need a lot of surgeries in the future because of the accident.

The jury awarded $2.2 million for her past medical expenses, $8 million for her past non-economic damages including pain and suffering, $2.1 million for her future expenses, and $12 million for her future non-economic damages.

The girl may bear the life-long effects of the accident but the compensation should somehow help her cope with her ordeal.

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