Riverside Police Chief Faces Allegations after Car Crash

All people are required to follow the law, even the ones who are tasked to enforce it.

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach is now being investigated when allegations were made after he crashed his Chrysler 300, which was issued by the city, into a street light and fire hydrant.

According to reports, Leach allegedly drove his vehicle while impaired and police in the department failed to include the said suspicion in the initial report.

The chief was reportedly placed on a medical leave a day after the incident. He was not injured in the accident but the vehicle has incurred fender damage and two blown tires.

Officers stopped Leach in the wrecked vehicle a few miles away from the accident area, said police.

It remains uncertain whether they noticed any signs of the chief’s impairment.

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