Security Guard Killed in Set of NCIS

Production has been suspended for the CBS hit series NCIS after the death of a security guard following an automobile accident on the set yesterday.

The police drama stopped shooting and an actual investigation will be done to determine the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident.

According to reports, a production company van had just finished dropping off passengers on the set of the hit series when the driver suffered a still unspecified medical condition.

As a result, the driver probably accidentally stepped on the gas, which caused the van to take off and crash into a tent on the set and hit the security guard in the process.

The security guard was brought to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The identity of the victim was not released but was described as a 52-year-old man in the reports.

CBS released a statement offering their condolences to the family:

“Everyone at the network, the studio and NCIS is devastated by the news. Our hearts grieve for his family and friends for this tragic loss.”

In the statement, the network also stressed that they are cooperating with the local authorities in Santa Clarita to find out what caused this tragic accident.

More than that, hopefully, the network and the show’s production will take care of the family of the victim.

Instead of waiting for the family to make a wrongful death claim against the company, hopefully they take action immediately and not make it difficult for them.

One thought on “Security Guard Killed in Set of NCIS

  1. I agree that CBS must initiate a settlement sum so that the family of the deceased security guard won’t file a Wrongful death lawsuit. Such amount can aid the family’s expenses on hospital or funeral expenses. I hope that CBS will implement time limitations on drivers who work overtime to transport celebrities and production staff. Driver fatigue or a lingering illness has caused numerous fatal accidents in LA.

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