Serious Injuries Reported after Driver Overcorrected

car accident Driver overcorrects injures 5 people

A Lamont man over-corrects his Pontiac and collided with another vehicle causing injuries to 5 people, with one in serious condition (photo credit

Alertness and quick thinking goes a long way. It should keep drivers and their passengers free from injuries that they can sustain in accidents.

In this recent collision, however, the driver overcorrected and inflicted serious injuries to occupants of a vehicle that was travelling along the opposite lane.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 21-year-old Lamont man Honorio Tecpile was driving his westbound Pontiac along Highway 145 around 12:30 pm when he lost control over it. Tecpile’s Pontiac reportedly drifted off the freeway before he overcorrected and got into the opposite lane.

Merced woman Desiree Harris, 28, was driving a 2005 Nissan when she hit Tecpile’s vehicle that got into her lane. Harris and her passenger were rushed to a hospital to be treated for the serious injuries they sustained in the accident.

Tecpile, on the other hand, along with his 18-year-old passenger identified as Esquel Piepile, had moderate injuries while his other passenger unfortunately sustained major injuries as well.

This accident could have been avoided if only Tecpile’s vehicle stayed on its lane. If proven guilty, it is likely that Tecpile will face charges related to the accident and pay compensation for the damages he caused.

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