Sheriff’s Deputy Seriously Injured in Fiery Crash

A fiery crash near Baas Lake has seriously injured a Madera County Sheriff’s Deputy who was responding to an emergency call.

Madera Sheriff's Deputy Suffers Major Injuries In Crash

Madera Sheriff’s Deputy Suffers Major Injuries In Crash. (photo credit:

Reports show that Deputy Homar Puga was driving on Ford Police Interceptor along the eastbound lanes of Road 222 when a driver in front of him stopped to make a left turn.

As a result, Deputy Puga’s vehicle crashed into the Chevrolet Cobalt before it hit a tree. According to reports, the grass beneath the deputy’s vehicle caught fire which, within moments, engulfed the whole vehicle. Rescuers were able to immediately extinguish the fire.

Witnesses were able to pull Deputy Puga in time from the burning vehicle. Unfortunately, he sustained serious injuries in the accident.

The driver of the Cobalt was unscathed and his passenger only sustained minor injuries.

It is unclear whether the Cobalt made a signal or was the deputy at a high speed when the accident occurred but it is saddening to prove that the very people who respond to these accidents can be vulnerable to them as well.

We sure hope he quickly recovers from this unfortunate accident.

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